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African Diaspora Solutions LLC

Welcome to ADC's consulting LLC, African Diaspora Solutions! We offer data analysis, research and program design services to help African development organizations effectively maximize impact and performance.



Data Management

We develop M&E systems,  dashboards and data collection tools. This includes designing pre- and post-training surveys, interview guides, questionnaires, activity logs,
and other M&E tools to support  teams in capturing program data. 


Performance Monitoring Plans 

We develop performance indicators and Activity Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning  Plans.


Data Training

We provide MEL capacity building support  by organizing and implementing M&E trainings for in country staff.


Research and Program Design

We research and design innovative and culturally appropriate  programs  to improve local development outcomes at the proposal phase.

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9466 Georgia Avenue #1204, Silver Spring, MD 20910 | 

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