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Democratic Republic of Congo

International Child Advancement empowers orphans  by providing them access to education, vocational training, and mentoring in Goma, DRC.

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Maison de la Gare


 Maison de la Gare is located in St. Louis, Senegal. It is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 by a group of ten young Senegalese men and women driven by a determination to improve the lives of the begging talibé street children  through education, professional training, sports and arts. As a local development initiative, the organization also maintains strong collaborative relationships with government authorities, other NGOs,

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Diaspora in Development Podcast

Washington DC

The Diaspora in Development Podcast is a place where men and women of the African, Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American diaspora working in international development can discuss issues that impact the developing world and their careers.


Project Safety Nets


Project Safety Nets is a non - profit organization dedicated to helping individuals in developing communities create sustainable lifestyles through Education, Health, and Economic Development. The organization also helps volunteers to find purpose, and recipients to thrive in spite of their challenges, while developing meaningful relationships  and authentic cultural connections.

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